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Typically, packages arrive within the first two weeks of April. of bees, which includes nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees, and drone bees. If selecting a started package be sure to select a frame size “deep or medium”. California Queens. Bees for sale, each spring we offer package bees, nucs and queens for sale to beginners and those beekeepers wanting to increase their number of hives. Quick View. Our Carniolan package bees include: a screen box, sugar water container or fondant block, approx. Live Bee Packages for Sale Live Bees – Italian – 3 lb Package w/Unmarked Queen – Queen Bee Supplier – Queen Bees for Sale $ 130.00. • No refunds or cancellations are allowed after March 1, 2020. We have had the pleasure of working with OHB for 15 years and supplying the intermountain area with a superior, quality honey bees. Orders should be scheduled well in advance due to high demand. The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo. Our queen breeder colonies are selected based on a high yield of honey production, brood, and a quick spring build-up. packages of bees with Italian, Carniolan, or Buckfast queens will be available for pickup only at our Sullivan, WI location from early April through mid-May. 2021 Package Bees from Northern California. The Carniolan honey bee package includes a wood screen box, 16 oz. The Carniolan queen bee will be in a separate queen cage. PACKAGED BEES BEING SHIPPED: Packaged bees are shipped US Postal Service, Priority Mail Ground Transportation, ONLY. For over 20 years Bee Well Honey has proudly offered bees for sale and beekeeping supplies. Meyer Bees provides all aspects of beekeeping services and products including package bees, queens, nucs, supplies, hive setups / management and honey production / processing.. We carry a full line of beekeeping supplies at our Minooka, Illinois location (roughly 35 miles southwest of Chicago).. 2021 Package Bees – Italian, Carniolan, Russian and Saskatraz ; Low maintenance – Bees work hard without much effort from you. Description Package Bees – Saskatraz for SHIPPING. We have had the pleasure of working with OHB for 20 years and supplying the East with a superior, quality honey bees. Bees are available for pick up at The Valley Hive only. Italian honey bees and VSH Italian mated marked queen in screened cage. Click Here To Order Packages Of Bees Now! Pollination – Bees can help make your plants and surrounding fruit trees in your area healthy. Keeping bees alive is much easier when you take our Online Ultimate Beekeeping Course. Package Pricing 2021. We will be taking orders for packages bees and nucs for the 2020 beekeeping season beginning in January 2020. (Includes 3+ frames of various stages of Brood, Eggs, & Larvae, with 2 frames of honey & pollen.) YOU MUST SELECT 3-DAY UPS FOR THE SHIPPING OPTION, THIS WAY THE CORRECT POSTAGE & INSURANCE WILL BE ADDED TO EACH ORDER. All package bees for sale will be ready in Spring 2020 (weather dependent as this is livestock and not a product off the shelf) they have 3lb of honey bees and a queen honey bee. Refunds or changes on Bee orders will be charged a $35.00 cancellation or date change fee on each Package. These strong and healthy honey bees come from our amazing bee supplier with a reputation of gentle and productive colonies. We provide NH beekeepers with the highest quality 5 frame Nuc package with a northern queen for sale. The queen bee is a newly mated Carniolan queen. ORDER NOW! • 5 Deep frames covered in young bees. Our packages are 3# of bees with a queen. Heritage Bee Farm Queens are naturally open mated and arrive ready to begin laying eggs in your colony. April 24th 2021 *** These premium-quality package bees and queens are raised in Northern California . Both packages & nucs contain mated queens. Buying a package is easy. This message is being posted 5/23/2020 to let you know that the season has ended and there will be no further shipments in 2020. There are no frames or foundation, so they are ready to be transferred into your hive and will adopt whatever frame system you introduce them to. Package bees that are not picked up on weekend dates selected will be forfeited unless special arrangements have been made. Without the 2 or 3 pounds of bees to take care of her, the queen will not be able to survive and will die. We are proud to offer quality packaged bees for sale and beekeeping supplies to beekeepers in California and throughout the 50 states. Package Bees. Now taking orders for our 2021 three pound Italian Honeybee packages with mated queen. Premium-quality Package Bees for sale raised in Northern California by Olivarez Honey Bees (OHB). Beeslist does not own any of the items listed on $197.00) (No reviews yet) Write a Review. These mated queens … 2020 3# package bees for sale // Thank you to everyone who was a part of our 2020 Bee Sales Season. Order your package bees online or by calling our corporate office toll free at 888.922.1293. Our 5 Frame Italian Bee Nuc Colony is raised in South Carolina and comes with a Marked Queen in a Pro Nuc box. 3 lbs of bees which include nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees, and drone bees. ***Arrival Date for 3 lb. Queen bees are boxed in a queen cage with attendants. CALIFORNIA- SOURCED PACKAGE BEES 2lb. (For a few more dollars, you will be able to find the Queen easily, saving time and trouble.) Package Bees for Sale (Stafford) $130. We don't ship packages. Carniolan Queen Honey Bees Please note: When starting a new bee hive, you need to purchase a package of bees with a queen, not just a queen. Honey is a natural antibiotic that is rich in many nutrients; Wax – A product of bees. Weather permitting, the bee … Our packages contain approximately three pounds of gentle, Italian honey bees and a naturally mated Italian queen! Honey – Made locally from your own bees. For more than a decade Queen Right Colonies has had a long-lasting relationship with Olivarez Honey Bees, producers of premium package bees and queens. Bee keepers love us because we source bees from the best apiaries in the North East where the highest quality bees are found, and offer them at very competitive prices. Delivery is expected the last week Apr. The Valley Hive is the premier provider of packaged bees for Los Angeles and Southern California. Our queen supplies, such as the California Mini Queencage, are available year-round, and produced here at our headquarters. Mated Queens and Queen Cells for Sale. Packages of Bees For Sale. These Bees & Queens are known for their Rapid Spring Build Up, Honey Production, and are very Gentle to work with. Pickup date May 23 and 24th, 2020. Our bees are grown here in Georgia! This listing is for a 2021 package of Gentle Stock Bees. The queen bee will be in a queen cage. Package Bees, Nucs, Queen Cells, Mated Queens for sale at Buck's Busy Bee's, LLC! 3lb package of gentle, local, calm, Italian Honey Bees includes their well bred Queen (no chemicals ever used).This deposit is non refundable and required to reserve bees. Package Bees are available for PICKUP ONLY in 3 sizes, with queen of your choice. Buy Nucs from us to ensure your hive is as successful as it can be! Honey Bee Packages for Sale LOCAL PICKUP ONLY – Ready early April 5, 2020 Sold out for 2020! Meyer Bees offers 2021 bee packages & 5-frame nuc bee hives for sale in Illinois. by Olivarez Honey Bees (OHB). • 2020 mated and established laying queen • Bees come in a reusable cardboard nuc box for easy transportation • Deposit or payment in full is required to reserve your nuc. The colony of bees will consist of one or more Italian, Carniolan, and Russian worker bees. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING BEFORE ORDERING LIVE BEES. April 5&6 Sold out April 12,13 Sold Out April 26,27 Sold Out. These bees are sourced from Harvest Lane Honey; Use these bees in … We begin accepting orders for queens and package bees in early January. We offer for sale honey bee’s in central Indiana. Early Bird Package Bees for Spring 2021 selling at 2020 prices! We have found producers that work hard to select for Hygienic and Prolific Bees and Queens. +/- 3 lbs. We always try to get marked queens for our packages but it is not always possible. 2020 3# PACKAGE BEES FOR SALE. Premium quality 3 lb Package Bees with mated Queen from Northern California. of bees which include nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees, and drone bees. 3 lbs. ... 2020 … 12/1/2020: We are taking pre-orders for three pound bee packages. SKU: 2020 SHIP Availability: Bees typically ship on Tues / Wed of the Ship Week … Package bees includes a screen box, sugar water container, approx. If selecting a package, be sure to select “none” on frame options. Bees For Sale 2# & 3# Packages for 2020 . California Package Bees with Queen. Package Bees . Add to cart. Pre-order now and get on the list! We are happy to fill orders of any size! of sugar water, approx. Package Bees are available early April through about May 15th, depending upon the season. 3 Lbs Package Of Bees With Mated Queen Will Go On Sale January 1, 2020. Queen Bees. As packages become available in the spring, they will be shipped out in order of date received . 3# Carniolan Packages Pricing is TBA; 3# Italian Packages Pricing is TBA; Queen Pricing 2021. Typically we will produce package bees for sale from April into mid-May, and queens from April into early summer, depending upon the season. Please bookmark this page and visit back then for … These bees are great honey producers and their known gentle genetics make them ideal for Backyard Beekeeping in Los Angeles, Check out our online beekeeping courses . The latest ones are on Oct 23, 2020 12 new California Package Bees For Sale results have been found in the last 90 days, which means that every 8, a new California Package Bees For Sale result is figured out. Add to Wishlist. Our Italian Queen Bees are well mated and ready to use. Useful for making your own organic candles, lip balms, creams and more. All item questions should be directed to the item owner. If you live in colder climates and do not want your bees shipped in early spring, please make a note on your order that you prefer a later April or May shipment. We will again be offering Package Bees and Queens from several producers in the Glenn County area of Northern California. Our 3lb package bees for sale are Italian Bee Packages and include a Marked Queen. Bring $150 cash for pickup of each package. Quick-ship live bees for sale: 3# Italian Bees w/ Mated Queen; Each package of Italian bees will include a cage, hard candy, queen, and 3 pounds of bees (approximately 10, 000 - 12,000 bees). Pre-Order bees now for the 2020 Spring beekeeping season. Italian Bee Nuc - 5 Frames. & 3lb. JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - Virginia | FOR SALE - Richmond, VA. Sun Dec 27 2020 3:26 pm Advertisements. 3 lb. The bee packages can be purchased with the Queen Marked or Unmarked. Live Bee Packages for Sale Live Bees – Italian – 3 lb Package w/Marked Queen – Queen Bee Supplier – Queen Bees for Sale … Beekeeping Services & Products. Queens are available from April 17 till Aug 30, 2021 Prices for 2019 California packages: Qty 1-9= $132* Qty 10-99= $127* Qty 100+= $122* No cage deposits or credits 5-frame Nucs

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