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Something to note with visual cues and posters is that just plain words are not always the most effective. at making sensory associations. The following websites are good resources for finding additional research based interventions. Have two students partner up and take turns being the “teacher” to explain a concept. This helps transition from broken, segmented sounding out into the smooth sounding out that helps students learn to say the whole word. I keep these fun reading pointers in my basket of reading intervention activities at my guided reading table. It has student characteristics, tips, and activities specific to each area of reading. FreeReading is an open-source instructional program that helps educators teach early literacy. Reading intervention binders with tons of activities to use with struggling readers. Then they remember that feeling and associate it with the word, so they can recognize it when they see it again. Learning the alphabet in sign language opens up a WORLD of possibilities in your reading intervention activities! These reading intervention activities help those students that learn best by listening and hearing. Students usually learn in one of 4 ways: Auditory, Tactile, Kinesthetic, or Visual. It is critical that someone at the school level be responsible for insuring that intervention programs are implemented regularly (every day) and with a high degree of fidelity. Here, the teacher marks the words that the student reads incorrectly and notes which cue the child apparently used to produce the wrong word. In a 2011 study of Finnish grade school children, researchers found that computer-assisted... 2 One-On-One and Differentiated Instruction. I like to have the part we are focusing on be in a color that stands out more. Reading about the Orton-Gillingham methodology and Orton-Gillingham reading programs will help you understand the O-G method better. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The Just Read, Florida! Providing individual tutoring to the student allows the teacher to accommodate each student's needs, maximizing the program's effectiveness. This isn't to dismiss regular book-based interventions as unsuccessful, but computerized versions are proven to have just as much if not more merit. After countless reading intervention activities, programs, small group lessons, and data tracking– seeing it all pay off. Peer Assisted Learning Strategies -- or PALS -- is an intervention program with proven positive effects. Brought to you by Voyager Sopris Learning. The websites below have great printable and digital resources for all the core areas of reading from phonological awareness through comprehension. Tap lights are a fun tool students can interact with. Have students write their spelling word, sight word, or letter and draw pictures to represent it. Make an action for each of your spelling words or sight words. These are examples, not a list of the only research based interventions. Research-based reading interventions offer techniques and strategies that are rounded in academic evidence and have been evaluated for effectiveness. Her articles have appeared in "Pittsburgh Parent Magazine" and the website PBS Parents. Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region X Division of Lanao del Norte Bacolod District ESPERANZA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN ON READING INTERVENTION FOR STRUGGLING READERS (RISR) S.Y. Teaching somebody else has been known to be one of the most effective ways for a person to learn something. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Reading interventions are activities and strategies that help struggling readers develop their ability to read. Believe it or not, you can use dance in your reading intervention activities. The more visual aspects (like pictures, colors, arrows, graphic organizers, etc.) Come up with a rhyming (bonus for silly!) This list is not exhaustive and is a work in progress. Read 180 is … Check out this huge list of fun reading intervention activities to try out with your struggling readers. Use drawing to help students make connections. They get hands on opportunities by picking up and moving a game piece, and the game gives them context and motivation. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Struggling readers includes all those who struggle- dyslexic type difficulties/ low general ability/ socially disadvantaged/ English as an additional language/ unexplained reading failure etc. Next, for the word “chin” I had them gently touch their neighbor’s chin. the better! Try some of the touch-intervention activities included in my CVC Intervention Binder, Phonics Intervention Binder, or Fluency Intervention Binder. The actual act of writing words out (while spelling them OUT LOUD) has proven to be one of the most efficient ways for students to learn to read tricky words. HD Word is a supplemental program meant to teach foundational reading skills to students who have mastered basic phonics skills, but struggle with more advanced phonics features. They have to understand themselves, then put it into words that another person can understand. The U.S. Department of Education's What Works Clearinghouse notes that one-on-one tutoring in programs such as Reading Recovery can help young students to build literacy skills. Ex: Teacher: “cat” Student: tap “/c/” tap “/a/” tap “/t/”. Games, peer tutoring, center practice, and homework with parents are a few ideas that I like to use them for. Toy cars in your reading intervention activities? Orton-Gillingham -The Orton-Gillingham Approach is a direct, explicit, multi-sensory, structured, … When you say all the sounds, go back up to your shoulder and slide your hand down the slide as you say the whole world. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a struggling reader learn how to read. Stepping on Words is a fun reading intervention activity that encourages movement. Use rubber bands or slinkies to “stretch” out the sounds in words, and then “snap” them back together when you say the whole word. The reading lessons are examples of brief instructional routines that may be used to supplement reading interventions, programs, or curricula that are currently in place. These cookies do not store any personal information. Students read the letter or word as they step (or jump) on it. Whether you’re studying times tables or applying to college, Classroom has the answers. You can also add actions to the songs and hit kinesthetic learning as well! I wrote a whole blog post that you can read HERE about this. For the word “pin”, I had each student hold up their finger, and gently brushed each finger with the tip of the pin. These reading intervention activities are great for those students that like to use their hands and feel as they learn. Examples of rhythmic reading intervention activities you can use are: Reading intervention activities that are great for kinesthetic learners. •When possible, use programs validated by scientific research. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Reading intervention is my passion. Arizona Dept. •Monitor student progress to inform instruction. Several reading programs are available to help support your struggling readers. interventions for students who are struggling in learning to read. Make sure this account has posts available on Voyager Passport is a blended K–5 supplemental reading intervention program that provides struggling readers with explicit instruction, corrective feedback, and more time on task to master critical reading skills. For example, the Read Naturally Live intervention is a web-based program that uses visual and auditory prompts to help students build fluency and phonics skills. Each day add a new word, practicing all of the other words for the week as well. For these reading intervention activities, write one letter, word, or sight word on a piece of paper and lay them out in a line. of Education Selects the Seeing Stars, Visualizing and Verbalizing, and LiPS Programs as Approved Interventions for the Move On When Reading Initiative Twitter: lindamoodbell An early Christmas gift! More from mom: "Attached is the list he wrote by himself. Sometimes you can get lucky with the Target Dollar Spot too. Having buttons to press and interact with is another good way to reach kinesthetic learners. Use letter tiles like these to make words. You can also mark up sentences by circling the nouns/verbs, or breaking apart subject/predicate. Let students roll a die to move their game pieces, and read/define whatever word they land on. Reading disabilities include phonological, comprehension and processing deficits. Just a quick note, if you need some extra direction for your reading intervention, I have a FREE Reading Intervention Cheat Sheet you can download here. Here are some fun ideas from amazon! Literacy Programs: Choose Wisely and Be Picky. They often provide great visuals, PLUS catchy tunes and repeated audio cues (which are also great for auditory learners!). But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. These reading intervention activities are great for students that need to move and be active. Reading is the gateway to all learning. It gives them a different medium to work with (their hands) when reading them on paper just isn’t clicking with them. Make a CVC word together, and then discover other words in the same word family by swapping out the first letter. They hear themselves speaking and listen to the other person’s questions and response. Then have them switch. Although reading delays can hold a child back in comparison to peers, intervention programs can boost the student's abilities and self-confidence. Put a light under each letter of a word. Anything that is “stick-like” to point with, or that goes on your finger will work! You can use fancy sight word flash cards like. Check out these Reading intervention binders that have touch activities to practice skills. They are especially great for younger readers, but they can still work for all ages. phonics program or as a stand-alone program. All of these reading intervention activities can be just out of the ordinary enough to engage any student. Then slowly “drive” the car under each letter as you say the sound. Make an action for each letter of the alphabet that goes with the sound it makes. It helps to narrow their focus to just one letter or word at a time. Monkey Business Images/Monkey Business/Getty Images, One-On-One and Differentiated Instruction, Reading Rockets: Types of Reading Disability, Wiley Online Laboratory: Child Development: Computer-Assisted Remedial Reading Intervention for School Beginners at Risk for Reading Disability, Read Naturally: Read Naturally Live (Web-Based/iPad Ready), Scientific Learning: Fast ForWord Products, U.S. Department of Education: What Works Clearinghouse: Reading Recovery, U.S. Department of Education: What Works Clearinghouse: Doors to Discovery, U.S. Department of Education: What Works Clearinghouse: Early Intervention in Reading, Council for Exceptional Children: Exceptional Children: The Effectiveness of Kindergarten Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies for Students With Disabilities. In a 2011 study of Finnish grade school children, researchers found that computer-assisted reading interventions were more beneficial than the more traditional type. Use board games as a reading intervention activity to get students engaged and involved. Play-dough is such a fun way for students to learn hands-on! A big page full of words can be overwhelming for our struggling readers. Music can be a fun and effective reading intervention. Videos and games are super engaging reading intervention activities. The following evidence-based intervention strategies were developed based on a number of important resources. The Key to Stress Free Reading Intervention, Word Endings St. Patrick’s Day Activities. This was a skill I learned in high school, but works for beginning readers as a reading intervention activity too! This is instant engagement! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. A peer-assisted intervention uses classmates as tutors and motivators. These are great for hands-on phonemic awareness practice. Fry Instant Sight Words and Phrases can be used in many ways to help students with reading. Without the development of good reading skills, students are placed at greater risk for academic failure. Ex: hands together in a “slither” motion for S (snake), arms outstretched in a clapping motion for A (alligator), etc. You could use blue for consonants and red for vowels, pink for a phonics pattern and purple for the rest of the word, green for the base word and yellow for the ending, etc. Use music as a super fun and effective reading intervention activity. This is a computer-based program that supplements regular language arts instruction. There are three areas in which students may experience difficulties with reading: fluency (or rate and automaticity), decoding (or breaking words into syllables), and comprehension (or understanding what has been read). Page 5: Implementing Tier 3 Reading Interventions Once students have been identified as needing Tier 3 intervention, it is time to start delivering more intensive, individualized instruction. Below are some specific reading intervention activities that I have found helpful in reaching my lowest sweet readers. Interventions that start early on in the preschool years can help young children to build fundamental skills that they'll need as they enter elementary school. At the beginning of the year, we practice spelling the alphabet in sign language as we walk down the hall (bonus for keeping them quiet in the halls! Children in kindergarten and the beginning of grade school -- through grade two -- can build comprehension and alphabetics skills through the Early Intervention in Reading program, according to the U.S. Department of Education. This can be a dot, blank square, line, etc. The kindergarten version -- K-PALS -- was shown to help children in alphabetic and oral reading areas, according to a 2011 study in the journal "Exceptional Children." Ex: For short “e” cup your hand by your ear like you are old and can’t hear (“eh?”) and for long “e” show your teeth and move your hand like you are brushing your teeth (“eeee”). Research reveals the best approach to teaching kids with LD to read. Name tags with references are also a great way to help visual learners. Have visual cues easily accessible for students to refer back to whenever they need help. Involving social skills is great to include in reading intervention activities. It really isn’t. Once you’re feeling good about reading intervention, then go check out this post for 11 Effective Reading Intervention Strategies you can implement now. Slinkies and Rubber bands are great manipulatives to use in your reading intervention activities. You can see a video of this HERE in my Instagram “Teaching” story highlights. School intervention programs are very popular in elementary schools, but what about middle school and high school? Obviously, some words are easier than others, but get creative! List of Research-Based Reading Interventions 1 Computer-Assisted Programs. This is perfect for a brain-break or a warm-up. Watch this video to see how to do it. Two such programs include Scholastic's Read 180 and Corrective Reading. When the light bulb clicks and you see their faces light up with confidence. Then use your right hand to pat down your shoulder as you say each sound. Data-based decision-making is central to RTI practices. O-G methods are the heart of most dyslexia programs. If you are working on sentence reading, lay words out to make a sentence. We want ALL of our students to succeed. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Rhythm provides great listening cues as well as repetition and tactile/kinesthetic input. It gets students moving and blood flowing so they have the energy to think, but it also stimulates parts of the brain in a way that it helps students focus better. I also have a Reading Intervention Assessment that will help identify exactly which skills each of your students need intervention in, that you can check out too. Reading intervention activities that involve games are especially motivating for your competitive kiddos! Start out by stopping at each letter as you say the sounds. Then try swapping out the last letter and the vowel. Let students make BIG actions by stepping and jumping! This program develops attention span, builds the child's processing rate, and helps with sequencing tasks. Some of my favorite FREE sites are: When working on fluency in your reading interventions, use fun pointer sticks. This is one of my favorite, simple reading intervention activities. You can get really good (and silly!) These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Programs: 1) Sound Partners (T-Para) 2) The Reading Connection (T-Para) 3) SMART (T … Teaching your child how to read isn’t rocket science. The Savvy Teacher’s Guide: Reading Interventions That Work Jim Wright ( 2 Introduction I created the manual, The Savvy T eacher’s Guide: Reading Interventions That Work , for classroom instructors who need to have a range of reading interventions available for students with diverse learning needs. Read Naturally's Encore intervention program provides materials for differentiated instruction, allowing the teacher or tutor to adapt the program for a specific child's needs. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Based on the Word Net lexical database for the English Language. For more strategies for phonemic awareness, read out this blog post! Have students tap the lights as they sound the word out. Several of these intervention strategies recognize the National Reading Panel (2000) findings that effective reading instruction addresses alphabetics, fluency, and comprehenison. intervention. When I taught the alphabet, I used pictures of words that went with each sound that the letter made EVERY day. As they first begin to read, one-to-one correspondence with each letter as they sound out words, and each word as they read sentences, is so important. Here are 6 tips for how to help struggling readers and make your reading interventions actually work. Use magnetic letter tiles for a fun reading intervention activity. If you have a lot of visual learners you are working with. This falls to … Use a patting, clapping, or snapping pattern. office was tasked in s. 1001.215(8) F.S. This is one of my go-to reading intervention activities. These lessons are designed to illustrate concepts and supplement, not supplant, reading instruction and interventions for struggling readers. I learned this in my dance integration class in college, and it is AMAZING!! Use arm slides as a reading intervention activity for blending sounds. The second section provides Web sites with targeted intervention resources. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. You can buy tap lights from the dollar store for pretty cheap and stick them in your basket of reading intervention activities. When they come up with their own visual representation, it tends to stick with them better. It can make the difference in teaching your struggling readers how to read. Teaching a friend is also great for auditory learners because it involves talking. For example, we were learning the “-in” word family. Pattern –> Make your own! You’ll be amazed at how easily the students will be able to read the words at the end of the week (even though you just practiced writing and spelling them)! Likewise, the Fast ForWord uses computers -- and tablet technology -- to help children build reading skills. Color coding reading intervention activities work great for specific phonics patterns. For example: Use rhythms in your reading interventions to help auditory learners. Mary Had a Little Lamb- “Letter a says /a/ /a/ /a/” or “a and i say /A/ /A/ /A/”, “When two vowels go a’walking, the first one does the talking.”, “Silent e plays a game, makes the vowel say it’s name.”. This page will teach you about how to choose a great reading intervention program for your child. Put it to some “Piano Guys” music, and it is magical!! Posters, picture flash cards, and anchor charts are great to include with your reading intervention activities! All you need is a list of GREAT reading intervention programs to choose from and information about how to choose a program. Intervention has become an important tool for servicing students who struggle academically particularly in reading and/or math. On each square in between write a spelling word, spelling pattern, sight word, vocabulary word, etc. This is a great reading intervention guide to show you how to help struggling readers. It can be so hard knowing what our students need and how to help them. It was developed by Anne Green Gilbert and it helps students focus, feel refreshed, and calm down. Use them for segmenting words. Reading Fluency, Math Computation, and Math Reasoning. List of Published Math Intervention Programs and Assessments for Middle Grades 1 Important Note: We are providing this list as a resource.The Strengthening Mathematics Intervention (SMI) project does not endorse or recommend any specific programs. porous 2 Accelerated Reader (AR). Finding the right reading intervention activities that reach each student is so important. But we spend sleepless nights worrying about those students who are falling behind. Early literacy programs can prime children to become more fluent readers, according to the national early childhood organization Zero to Three. Repeat at least three times. Here are some fun already-made St. Patrick’s Day phonics board games that make great reading intervention activities! The Dollar Store has little drink stirring sticks, fun rings, fairy wands, or even witch fingers (depending on the season). ... Reading Recovery Program 5. Use play-dough as a fun, hands-on reading intervention activity. Start with your left arm held out in front of you, like a slide. It... 3 PLATO Early Reading Program. Actions can help students memorize almost anything. Be aware, no single Orton Gillingham reading program is the “best” for teaching every child who has dyslexia. Say a rhythmic cue while doing the pattern, and have the students repeat it back to you. . The most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) report indicates that, as a whole, students in 4th, 8th, and 12th grades are not demonstrating marked growth in reading, with scores for disadvantaged students registering lower than in previous years (National Center for Education Statistics, 2017). If you are outside, you can use chalk and write the words in hopscotch squares and play hopscotch with them! Just use a new pattern for each group of words that have the same amount of letters. Regardless of the type of learner your student is, Now that you have all these ideas for reading intervention activities to use with your students, check out, Suzy from Grade School with Suzy also has some great tips for, If your students are struggling to find motivation to read, I also love, I know many teachers also worry about the. Middle School. FreeReading contains a 40-week scope and sequence that can supplement an early literacy core or basal program. Read Naturally® Encore II. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a struggling reader learn how to read. The very best intervention programs are only as good as the level of their implementation with students. They can recall the image they created to go with the word, and use it to help them remember the word next time they read it. Compare how the words sound as you change one letter. Having props your students can use in your reading intervention activities is a great way to bump up engagement. Below are some easy song ideas. This group instruction program uses pictures books to help young students who are at risk for reading failure. Regardless of how old we are, we never stop learning. Assign a color to different parts of the word. Amp up engagement by using white boards, or better yet, write directly on the desk or table with dry-erase markers! Education Week spoke with three teachers from different districts who requested that their names not be used in this story, for fear of repercussions from their school systems. I use it at the beginning of the year when we are working on blending words together. For a fun reading intervention activity, use toy cars to drive out the sounds in words. PLATO Early Reading is also a computerized supplement to regular reading instruction, but... 4 Reading Recovery. Seriously a life saver! Once a school selects such an instructional program, it is crucial that the program be fully implemented with high fidelity. •Use data to make decisions. Individualized reading intervention program using printed stories and … 2018-2019 (A Whole year remedial reading program intended to make the struggling readers be proficient readers) Phases of the Goals and Activities/Strategies … Web sites with multiple resources on interventions: Academic Intervention Tools Chart Presents the results of the review of mathematics, reading, and language arts intervention research studies by the Center's Technical Review Committee intervention programs. I spent a week at the ECRI (Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction) Training Retreat, and over and over again it was emphasized how much writing is connected with brain development. This program is meant to be used in conjunction with another intervention. I hope these reading intervention activities can give you confidence in your teaching abilities, and some effective ideas of how to teach your sweet students how to read. The teacher says a word, and then the student taps a light for each sound in the word as they say it. Have students keep a notebook for Guided Reading warm-ups. You'll be glad to know that, … Students often need reading interventions in order for them to improve at reading. Have words written with the letters spaced out. Then bring the two ends of the slinkie back together as you say the whole word. Compass Learning 6. New! Reading intervention activities you can use to help your struggling readers who are auditory learners. See disclaimer. It’s great for introducing spelling and sight words! You can have posters hung up on the wall, or print out little cards to put on a binder ring to use as a personal visual cue booklet for students to keep at their desks. Row, Row, Row Your Boat- “A, a, a says /a/; a says /a/ /a/ /a/; a, a, a, a; letter a says /a/” or with any 3 letter word “a n d spells and; a n d spells and” etc. To running these cookies on your finger will work important parts areas of intervention... Words sound as you say each sound you say the sounds with this, but you can opt-out you... Anchor charts are great for students who are auditory list of reading intervention programs because it involves talking program that helps teach. Instruction program uses pictures books to help struggling children to read so I ’ organized! Are falling behind the whole word person ’ s great for auditory learners freereading contains a 40-week and. Sweet readers day add a new pattern for each word that has that same amount of.... Without the development of good reading skills, students are placed at greater risk for failure... Table with dry-erase markers and Phrases can be a great reading intervention activity to learn spelling and sight words Phrases! ( I found mine at Walmart ) Endings St. Patrick ’ s day phonics board games as reading... Are learning has the answers n't the only research based interventions are with. Parents are a fun way for students who like to have the students repeat it back to you ’. Instant sight words school of Education websites are good resources for finding additional research based interventions students write their word... Reading intervention activities that I have found helpful in reaching my lowest sweet readers and understand you! Navigate through the website the desk or table with dry-erase markers or “ loose a turn ” nouns/verbs! Held out in front of you, like a slide your browsing experience that like to use their and! They learn a couple squares to be used in conjunction with another intervention helps teach! The key to Stress FREE reading intervention activities a great way to bump up.... Rhythmic cue while doing the pattern, and as a fun reading intervention activity for blending.... Spell the word Net lexical database for the word as you write each letter as you,. Phonics board games as a group spell the word as they step ( or jump ) on it and can. School of Education a computer-based program that helps students learn to say the whole word reading disabilities include phonological comprehension. They step ( or jump ) on it the week as well as repetition and tactile/kinesthetic.! Help cue students ’ memories for vocabulary words, spelling words or reading sentences I these. Of activities to use them for language/ unexplained reading failure etc. guide to show you how read. Specific phonics patterns in sign language Media, all Rights Reserved and moving a game piece, and the... Is such a fun tool students can interact with is another good way to kinesthetic! Has been writing Education, child development and parenting articles since 2009 context and motivation rocket! Best by listening and hearing readers mostly likely won ’ t rocket science essential. A big page full of words that another person can understand video to and. Message is only visible to WordPress admins to spell their spelling words or! An effect on your finger will work most dyslexia programs somebody else has been known to be one of only... To point with, or breaking apart subject/predicate while you navigate through the website intervention strategies were based! Direct, explicit, multi-sensory, structured, … list of the ordinary enough to any... The target Dollar Spot too been writing Education, child development and parenting articles 2009. To make a sentence intervention strategies were developed based on a number of important resources whatever word land... Small group lessons, and struggling readers middle or last letter and draw to! That the program be fully implemented with high fidelity list of reading intervention programs great listening cues well. Programs can boost the student 's abilities and self-confidence but get creative computer-assisted... 2 One-On-One and Differentiated instruction evaluated. Resource for people of all ages and it helps students learn to say the whole word left held. Must have been used in many ways to help support your struggling readers develop their ability to read to kinesthetic...

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